TV Antenna Guide

I - Cost & Savings
By our findings the cheapest cable television package in the greater Baton Rouge area is about $55 per month. That means you pay a bill every month, month after month, until you’ve spent $660+ per year. And that is the CHEAPEST cable TV deal you can get according to our research. With add-on packages most subscribers purchase, your annual cost could be more than double that, up to $1500 or more!

A great quality over-air TV antenna such as the
ClearStream 2MAX indoor/outdoor antenna can be found as low as $55 on That’s a one time payment, you plug it in, adjust it, and no more monthly subscription bills, EVER. Based on a typical basic cable subscription, you just saved $568 or more in your first 12 months. Heck, at that rate, in only 2 months you’ve paid for the antenna AND put $18 in your pocket! After that you’re watching TV for FREE!
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II - Channels
In the greater Baton Rouge area there are an estimated 37+ over-air channels available, and WLFT offers 4 of them:
• WLFT 30.1
• MeTV 30.2
• NewsNet 30.3
• AntennaTV 30.4

ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, FOX, your local television station programs and more are all normally available with an antenna. Plus many local stations provide more than one channel over air.

Did you know that many over-air broadcasts carry family oriented content? Nice to know if you have children in your home, or don’t care for the excessive violence and vice found on much of cable TV’s programming.

Click here to find what is available in your location, and what direction to point your antenna for best reception.

Also, find a map at the bottom of this page showing where the WLFT transmission tower is, to help you tune in easier.

III - Image Quality

Antennas pick up high definition (HD) broadcasts just like cable, satellite and streaming do. The big difference is that over-air antennas deliver a MUCH higher quality image than do cable, satellite or streaming.

Because those other methods have to
compress their signal so much to make it all fit down that thin little cable, image quality is sacrificed. That’s a technical fact! You are being robbed of the full HD image quality!

Antenna over-air broadcasts have higher bandwidth, meaning we can deliver you much better image quality. And you can take that to the bank!
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IV - Antenna Selection
When you purchase a TV antenna, several things will determine what level of unit you need and how much you should pay for one. Distance from transmission towers, hills, trees, buildings, a lot can affect the quality of reception in your specific location. Antennas come as indoor and outdoor units, and rated by how far away a tower can be to receive its signal.

  • Most folks live close enough to their local broadcasters and don’t need anything but a lower priced unit which is made to sit inside your home, or could even go in the attic.

  • If you live further away, or if there are obstacles that interfere with reception of the broadcast signals, you may need a higher end unit. These are made to be used either inside your home, normally in an attic space, or mounted outside if required.

  • In extreme situations, you may need a dedicated outdoor antenna mounted up higher. These are the most expensive, but are still cheaper than a couple months of cable TV bills. A motorized swivel mount with remote control will help you point it in different directions to pick up even more channels.

  • A note about amplifiers; Amplifiers can help boost a weak signal, sometimes. But if the signal is too weak that an amplifier won’t help. And if the signal is too strong for the amplifier, it can possibly back-fire and degrade your reception. Use caution when adding an amplifier to your system, it can help in some situations, but isn’t always the answer.

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V - Multiple TV Sets
You can place an inexpensive antenna next to each TV set in your home or office, if desired. Or you can install one higher quality antenna and with the use of an amplifier/splitter, which will send that one signal to multiple TV sets at once. Each set will be able to watch a different program from one antenna.

VI - DVR & Antennas
You can select from a wide variety of digital video recorders on the market to record programs received on your antenna. From very basic recording to advanced multiple recordings on multiple channels at one time, a little shopping around will quickly reveal what is available.

VII - Antenna & Streaming
You can run an antenna into your TV set together along with a streaming device such as AppleTV, Roku, Sling, Chromecast, etc. Since these devices are a one time purchase, you can increase your entertainment selections and continue to save by not paying monthly cable bills. Each will have its own connector in the back of your TV set. Your sets remote control will have a dedicated menu to select the “input” option you wish to view at that time. With the money you save not paying for cable, you can increase your Internet service tier and enjoy smooth streaming and over-air side by side.

VIII - Antenna & Cable/Satellite
If you want to add cable or satellite services, you can. It's as easy as connecting each service and device to the proper connection on the back of your TV set. Again, you control which broadcast source you watch with your TV's remote control.

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Below is a map showing the location of the WLFT broadcast tower, to help you configure your antenna for optimum reception.

WLFT-TV Public File Inspection
- For help accessing the WLFT-TV Public File contact us at (225) 774-7780