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Over-Air on 30.1
And Cox Cable 117 or Eatel Cable 130

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Watch from your computer, Apple and Android mobile devices, or on Roku.
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Over-Air 24/7 on 30.3

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Over-Air 24/7 on 30.4

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Fay@Five hosted by LaTangela Fay
Weekdays at 6:00AM & 6:00PM

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Black Business Excellence hosted by Harold White
Weekdays at 6:30AM & 6:30PM

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Baker Forward hosted by Mayor Darnell Waites
Wednesdays at 6:30PM & Sundays at 6:00PM

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Neely UMC hosted by Reverend Isaac Hammond
Sundays at 6:30PM & Mondays at 9:30AM

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