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"Wednesday Night Movies”
Every Wednesday night at 8:00pm
Produced by the Louisiana Film Channel
Hosted by LaTangela Fay
Features short films by Louisiana filmmakers, interviews with those filmmakers, and Louisiana Film History by Ed Poole.
Available on WLFT 30.1 & 30.3 over-air, Cox 117 & Eatel 130 cable, and worldwide on our streaming channel via the "30 On 3rd" mobile app.
    Covid Survey
    Pandemic Info
    Phase 2 Guide

    From the Office of the Governor’s official web site

    Businesses that will be able to open at 50 percent occupancy include:

    • Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops
    • Shopping malls (including food courts, following restaurant guidance)
    • Gyms and fitness centers
    • Barber and beauty shops and nail salons
    • Movie theaters
    • Racetracks (not open to spectators)
    • Museums (including children’s museums), zoos, aquariums (no tactile exhibits)
    • Bars and breweries with LDH food permits
    • Massage establishments, spas, and tattoo establishments (under strict guidance from LDH), esthetician services (under strict guidance from the Cosmetology Board)
    • Pool halls, bowling alleys and skating rinks (children must be accompanied by an adult)
    • Event Centers and wedding venues
    • Outdoor playgrounds and play centers (children must be accompanied by an adult)

    Casinos and video poker establishments may open at 50 percent occupancy, but limited to 75 percent of their gaming positions, with spacing to allow for social distancing and with enhanced sanitation. Plans must be submitted to the Gaming Control Board which will issue guidance to these facilities.

    Bars and breweries that do not have LDH food permits will be able to open with strict social distancing requirements and patrons seated at 25 percent occupancy.

    Arcades and trampoline parks may open under approved plans by the State Fire Marshal, with minors accompanied by parents.

    Summer camps were allowed to open with restrictions in Phase One, and additional guidance will be issued.

    Sleep-away camps are not allowed in Phase Two.

    *The following businesses remain closed: carnivals, amusement parks, water parks, fairs, contact sports, children’s indoor play centers, theme parks, concert and music halls, and other similar businesses. Live entertainment is not permitted inside any building or indoor function.

    **The Governor encourages businesses that can allow employees to work remotely to consider doing so, especially if an employee is at high risk for becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 or shares a household with a high risk person.

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The Carol Burnett Show
Weekdays at 10pm
Sundays at 9:30pm

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Weekdays at 1pm
Saturdays at 5am & 9pm

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Mon-Sat at 12pm & 12:30pm

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I Dream Of Jennie
Weekdays at 12pm
Saturdays at 4am & 8pm

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The Twilight Zone
Weekdays at 11:30pm
Sundays at 11pm

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Three’s Company
Weekdays at 8pm
Sundays at 10am & 2am

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